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Nottingham Against Incineration & Landfill (NAIL)
The campaign against incinerated waste expansion at Nottingham's Eastcroft Incinerator.
Properties for Sudents
Some information about Sneinton for students.
Sneinton Library
Webpage for Sneinton Library. Part of the City Council website.
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Sure Start Sneinton
Basic information on Sneinton Children's Centre
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Green's Mill
Dedicated to our famous landmark - Green's Mill
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George Green Society
These pages provide an introduction to George Green's life and work, and how to find out more about him.
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The Lord Nelson
Sneinton's jewel in the crown -  The Lord Nelson pub. Events listing and great photos of this 500 year building.
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St Stephan's Primary School
Location, information and statistics for St.Stephan's School
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How far is Snenton?
Want to know how far you are away from Sneinton you are?
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Up My Street
Find out about Sneinton, property prices etc, Sneinton statistics and more Visit Site..
Sneinton Business Forum
Sneinton Business Forum aims to be a united voice to promote, represent and support businesses in Sneinton. The forum is keen to invite and involve as many businesses in the Sneinton area to join. Why not attend the next meeting of the Sneinton Business Forum. More info





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